Boutique Retreat

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A space to come home to Self

Gunung-An is designed and dedicated to healing and space. A safe haven to unplug from the chaos in your mind, routines and all of society’s expectations. This peaceful healing environment is beneficial for body, mind, and Spirit. To reclaim and reconnect with the Yin energy within us all. 

Gunung-An has been built with quiet sensitivity towards the surrounding environment and shares it’s rice terrace views with a nearby waterfall. 

This Boutique hotel is located just 10 minutes outside of Ubud. Away from the hustle and bustle of the spiritual heart of Bali. 


Pamper yourself at Gunung-An’s Kampung Spa. We welcome you with a warm Balinese smile to experience the beauty rituals that have been handed down from our ancestors. Our therapists combine beautiful rituals with the elements of Balinese healing techniques.

We offer a special deal to our Onion Tribe Members: 

Special prices                                                                               Ibu Knows best ritual *Balinese Massage Ritual 1hr:  150.000 IDR 250.000 IDR.                                                            Batu Panas Ritual *Hot Stone Ritual 1.5hr:                    280.000 IDR 350.000 IDR.

*Free shuttle to Gunung-An from the Onion Collective.