The philosophy is 

We are all (whether we realise or not) on a quest to point zero. Nothingness, the core of the Onion.
It Draws from the Heroes Journey, where a hero leaves his home on a quest and is faced with adversity, however through each challenge our hero discovers a, layer of the Onion / self  that will eventualy lead to point zero a place in our hearts minds and souls where we are totally free. It is only from this point that our hero truly begins his true journey from a deeper understanding of the layers of his/her onion. It is from this point we can start to live our Dharma (life purpose).
Our logo and everything that the Onion has created  serves as a road map for this journey and offers a way out of the madness.
We are all heroes on this Journey and each of us has a duty to guide and assist one another along the way.
Our business is based on offering the experience freedom and the empowerment that comes from it, at the different layers.
The properties and the experiences we create all refer to this journey and offers a place for safe refuge and learning for our band of Onion Heroes on our quest.

The Outer Layer ( image / shell )

Refers to our images, the outer shell that people from home know us as. However when we travel especially solo,  we loose this outer layer automatically, no one knows what you do, what you stand for what your favourite football team is.. We experience a sense of freedom in this space. Freedom to be who we choose to be.
The mind and thoughts layer ( our mental construct )
Meeting new friends, learning about the blockchain, using a papaya leaf stem straw to reduce plastic waste, trying a new drink, eating at a restaurant that is 90%
furnished by recycled /re purposed materials, learning to say thank you in Balinese, performing in front of a crowd, sharing your passion at a talk, eating with your fingers from a banana leaf table shared by 25!
All these experiences serve to break a fixed mental construct, to challenge a belief. Freedom from our fixed mental patterns.


There is something within us all. The one that ask the questions…that voice in our heads yet coming from our hearts. This speaks of a very personal relationship with our higher self, many us have not been taught how to breach or even approach this layer of the ‘Onion’. Here in Bali, the world of spirit and our physical existence are seamless. There is much to learn from Balinese culture of making offerings. The belief that all we create are the result of man and spirit working together. An understanding of spirit offers us Freedom from our Ego.

Point Zero ( place of freedom )

Once we see past the walls of the Ego, we come to point zero, finally true freedom when we realise that at our core we are nothing, now we are free to choose the layers to create the layers of our Onion in alignment with our Dharma, to serve and impact our environments in a positive way.


Love Peace Happiness & Health is a simple code of living and earnest wish for all, infused in all that we do. (The Onion offers the possibility of filling our cores with this mantra )