Passion Lab

Work, share your passion and get inspired.

The digital nomad trend is definitely here to stay. The prediction is that by 2020, about half of the global workforce will be independent workers. It means that slowly but surely remote work will transform the world. And that is something to be very excited about. We are the dreamers, visionaries, entrepreneurs that are living life on our own terms. We are creating the lives we are dreaming of. 

The Onion Collective family welcomes you to be a part of this tribe. The Passion Lab is available for everyone.  

Onion Tribe Membership prices

50.000 IDR Daily

300.000 IDR Weekly

1.000.000 IDR Monthly

What we offer

Fast Optic Fiber Internet


Free Coffee, Tea and Water


Desks & Standing Tables


10% Discount in Restaurant



What our Guest Say

It is our new office. Cool vibes, great music, friendly staff, great internet, yummy food!

Lindi Kopke De Angelis from Cape Town, South Africa

What our Guest Say

Awesome place to hang out, work from, have a swim in the pool or just have a delicious dinner. You’re choice. If you need to get some work done, the internet is very good and you can always meet cool like minded people. You should come and see for yourself.

Sam Uherek, WordPress Designer from Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

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